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Moser, G.; Gorenflo, A.; Brenzinger, K.; Keidel, L.; Braker, G.; Marhan, S.; Clough, T.J. & Müller, C. (2018): Explaining the doubling of N2O emissions under elevated CO2 in the Giessen FACE via in-field 15N tracing. Global Change Biology early view, 1-14
DOI: | Revised: 12 January 2018.

Abstract: Rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations are expecte...
Chen, Z.; Zhang, J.; Xiong, Z.; Pan, G. & Müller, C. (2015): Enhanced gross nitrogen transformation rates and nitrogen supply in paddy field under elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature. Soil Biology & Biochemistry 94, 80-87

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Abstract: Climate change, particularly the combined effects...
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