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Andresen, L.C.; Yuan, N.; Seibert, R.; Moser, G.; Kammann, C.; Luterbacher, J.; Erbs, M. & Müller, C. (2018): Biomass responses in a temperate European grassland through 17 years of elevated CO2. Global Change Biology 24, 3875-3885

Abstract: Future increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations...
Brenzinger, K.; Kujala, K.; Horn, M.A.; Moser, G.; Guillet, C.; Kammann, C.; Müller, C. & Braker, G. (2017): Soil Conditions Rather Than Long-Term Exposure to Elevated CO2 Affect Soil Microbial Communities Associated with N-Cycling. Frontiers in Microbiology 8(1976), 1-14

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Abstract: Continuously rising atmospheric CO2 concentration...
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